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In the three months of our stay at the Biskehekos in Uganda to be part of the project Life Again from The NGO Help Her international. During the stay we have met a lot of people. Grace made us part of the family life and community feeling in Uganda.

We will always remember one of those encounters. She is a good friend of Grace and James.

Her name is Rebecca. Her life story, strength, perseverance, humility, faith and above all her generous smile are engraved in our memory

One evening she came by and talked to us for over two hours. It was in Luganda language, because then she could express her feelings much better.

Despite the fact that the conversation was in Luganda, we were never bored for a moment. The tones that stand out from high to low, partly because she became deaf at the age of 27 due to the side effect of a malaria injection, are very telling. Her facial expression is controversial that we got the feeling that we understood her. Her smooth transition of mood from sad to infectious laugh.

The following night Grace told Rebecca’s story in outline.

She grew up in a dysfunctional family. This was a hard life. She started working when she was 19. She married and that marriage was not a success. They had two children. Her husband was aggressive and abused her. At 27 she contracted malaria, which almost cost her life. Her husband has left during this period. She survived and became deaf from the side effect of the malaria injection.

Having just recovered from this traumatic event, she had to undergo surgery on her ovaries. At the hospital, she told Grace that she felt alone and abandoned. Nobody looked at her.

Despite this, she managed to raise her two children as a single mother.

The tide turned, two years back when the ex-husband forcefully took them away from her.

We visited her a few days later in Kampala. She has her own business as a seamstress and makes the most beautiful clothes. The dresses Grace wears are made by her and are dazzling. She was already an inch ready to take our measurements because she insisted that she wanted to make clothes for us.

Rebecca an ode to you

– She never gives up.

– Her faith tank is always full.

– She keeps a smile on her face, always

– Still works to support herself

– Managed to build her own house.

– She’s a hero

– A fighter

– A Power Lady

– Her strong belief and that she in the future can her again

– And you are funny, we will never forget how you taught us Lugandes with your specific sound

She deserves to be celebrated

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